HomeRiver Group has an experienced accounting department with two CPA’s on staff. We utilize property management software to optimize the property owners experience. We also have a knowledgeable team that is experienced in HOA management. Every association we manage is operated as a separate legal entity with its own bank account. The association is managed under the direction of the elected officers or board of directors.

Accounting Highlights:

  • Collect HOA dues, assessments and other fees
  • Review and pay invoices
  • Oversee vendors/Negotiate competitive bids for contract work
  • Prepare annual reports including Secretary of State filing
  • Coordinate income tax return preparation
  • Maintain member database and act as liaison for association
  • Prepare and file liens when necessary
  • Coordinate with title companies on ownership transfers
  • 24/7 access to financial statements through online owner portal
  • Prepare operating budgets
  • Prepare packet, notices, budget, minutes and coordinate annual HOA meetings

We utilize Rent Manager which is a comprehensive and robust property management and accounting software. This enables us to track all necessary information and provide accuracy and transparency in accounting.

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Financial Reporting Examples:

Fiscal Year Budgets

Fiscal Year Budgets

Profit & Loss by Month

Profit vs Loss By Month