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A Landlord's Guide to Rental Property Inspections

HRG Staff - Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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With over 1.9 million residents, the Idaho population continues to grow. This means greater demand for rental properties and a bigger role for landlords willing to provide them, including providing rental property inspections.

So what should landlords in Idaho Falls know about rental property inspections? What are they and what should you look for when conducting one of your own?

That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how to inspect a rental property and other pertinent tips for landlords.

What are Rental Property Inspections?

Rental property inspections are routine checkups on all of your rental properties that identify any issues or concerns with each unit. If a tenant has a leaky faucet, rental property inspections are designed to pick that up.

This allows landlords to find any issues that they can take care of before someone moves in, thereby reducing their liability. By reducing the chance of injury or damage, landlords get to maintain a safe and profitable unit.

Types of Rental Property Inspections

The first type of rental property inspection that you should know about is the move-in inspection. This usually involves a tenant and their landlord walking through a unit on move-in day to see the lay of the land.

A drive-by inspection involves checking out the exterior of the property and seeing if there are any blemishes on that front. This is more for landlords checking up on their properties.

Routine inspections are arguably the most common. These are done on an annual or even monthly basis. These make sure that a tenant's housing unit is up to code and doesn't have any recurring issues.

Finally, a move-out inspection is conducted when someone is moving out and seeing if they haven't damaged anything. This is important for landlords checking up on their security deposits.

What to Look for During Property Inspections

Depending on the type of property inspections you're doing, it's important to keep a few things in mind. If you're doing a drive-by inspection, check out the exterior conditions closely.

Are the walls looking okay? How are the doors and windows holding up? Are the plants and trees still healthy?

When checking out the interior, note any smells or unwanted clutter that stand out to you. Check the interior walls for cracks, mold, and other foundational issues as well.

The floors also need inspecting from time to time. Are there any noticeable scrapes? Are they beginning to wear down and become unleveled?

Make sure you check on the HVAC or air conditioning units regularly. Tenants will likely let you know when they aren't working, but it's good to preemptively make repairs when you can.

You can also hire a property management service in Idaho to help you through this process. If you aren't sure about how to conduct a thorough inspection, they can help you out.

Property Maintenance Through Regular Inspections

Rental property inspections are crucial steps landlords take when maintaining a lively and profitable business. use this guide to help you understand why inspections are needed and when they need to be done.

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HRG Staff