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We’ve Got The Best Techs!

System - Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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We’ve got the best Techs!

If you’ve been an owner of rental property for any period of time you know, or will know shortly, that maintenance is not only inevitable but sometimes very unexpected and can be costly. This is why it is essential to have technicians who are putting your property as first priority. We have a staff of very talented and responsible technicians that get the job done and at a surprisingly competitive price.  We also have contracted outside vendors who along with our in-house staff are carefully screened, but also are fully insured, licensed and bonded if necessary and certified on their areas of expertise. From move-out maintenance to landscaping our guys work very hard to make your property shine. When a property shines it also rents faster with as few days vacant as possible as well as helping your investment hold its value.

Owner maintained verses Park Place Maintained?

Often times when an owner hires an outside vendor to perform time sensitive jobs thinking that they can save money, the result can be quite the opposite. In Idaho, if an owner doesn’t perform the move-out maintenance done along with a complete Security Deposit disposition breakdown within 30 days the tenant has the right to dispute the costs and receive a full refund of their security deposit. So, not only does the owner not get to recoup the tenant’s portion of move-out maintenance costs but they end up having to additionally pay out the full security deposit over and above the tenant’s costs. Ouch and ouch. Why risk it? Put the burden on us, we’ll get it done right, on time and if we don’t we pay… not you!

OK, so you’ve made the right decision to have Park Place provide your maintenance services…how much does it cost and is Park Place competitive?  After extensive analysis we have determined that our pricing is competitive as it gets.  Keep in mind that costs can vary greatly from one vendor to the next. But we’ve taken a recent sample of costs and compared to industry standards and found we are competitive in every area;

Cleaning:  We do a lot of cleaning in the property management business and we’ve seen just about every type of cleaning job under the sun.  Our cleaning teams are some of the best in the business when it comes to speed and thoroughness. Matching them against the likes of a Merry Maid or a Molly Maid would be a no contest battle as far as price is concerned. An average for our teams would be roughly half as much as most professional maid services.


  • In most cases, the cost of professional interior painting is between $2,000 and $3,000. To further break down costs, a typical 12 foot x 12 foot room (say, a bedroom or office) might run $200 to $400, including labor and materials, while a larger room, such as a dining or living room, could cost double that amount ($400 to $800).
  • One gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet (you’ll want to apply two coats) and paint costs anywhere from $10 to $50 per gallon. Assuming 2,000 interior square feet, that’s $100 to $500 for paint alone, plus assorted materials such as primer, caulking, tape, and sand paper.
  • Labor costs vary widely depending on the company’s experience, how much prep work is required, the number of windows and doors, the amount of crown and base molding, whether the home is occupied or new construction, and other factors.

Another huge issue to decide is touch up painting verses complete repainting.

Outside vendors and a rough industry average range from 1.38 to 2.77 per sq ft

PPPM pricing – avg 1.45 sq ft

Appliance repair:

A typical appliance repair will charge $65-85 for the first half hour and up to $30 per hour after that. Park Place – $75 per hour and a 7.50 trip charge. Most repair jobs can, and should be, completed in the first hour or two, depending on what type of appliance it is. Otherwise it is probably more cost effective to replace an appliance than to repair one.


There are a couple of heating and air companies in the Treasure Valley that offer a $69 system check. But, in most cases this will not cover the refrigerant for air conditioners or the filters for the furnaces. Our annual checks, one for A/C in the spring and one in the fall for the heating system are both for $99 and include all filters and refrigerant. Most other repair jobs involving HVAC we outperform on price on average 35-40 percent below competitors.

Carpet repairs and Replacements :

Our partnership with Great Floors has been an awesome cooperative relationship. Great Floors is well known in the Treasure Valley and the Northwest for its great carpet products and service.  Great floors offers competitive price matching which means if you find the same carpet at better carpet price,  they’ll match it. So you’re guaranteed to get the lowest price that can be found.