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5 Reasons to Invest in Boise Real Estate

Property Management Blog
Do you dream of living in an area surrounded by nature? If so, consider Boise, Idaho, for your real estate investing. Idaho has a combined 4.7 million acres of wilderness and is nicknamed the City of Trees. The Boise rea... read more >>

How to Handle a Rental Deposit Return in Boise, Idaho

Property Management Blog
Rent deposits. They are something that a tenant has to prepare for in advance, but a landlord has to be prepared to give a rental deposit return when the lease is up. In Idaho, there is no legal limit to how high the initial ... read more >>

What’s Included in a Rental Property Analysis?

Property Management Blog
Idaho is a great place to invest in property. But still, that doesn't mean that every single potential rental property is a winner. So, how can you make sure you're making a sound investment that will yield healthy returns... read more >>

3 Essential Tips for Rental Property Inspections

Property Management Blog
Regular inspections ensure that your rental property remains in good condition, but do you know how to make the most of your inspection? How often can a landlord inspect a property by law anyway?Make sure you know what to look for... read more >>

Tenant Screening: How to Do It the Right Way

Property Management Blog
Have you ever had a tenant that has caused nothing but trouble? Not only can this be a major headache for landlords, but it could have financial implications, such as lost rent or property damage. This is why tenant screening is s... read more >>

Boise, Idaho: The Best Place for Real Estate Investing

Property Management Blog
Investing is the thing that takes you from wages and salaries to true wealth. Everyone's wealth roadmap is different, but numerous successful people have plotted their course to riches by investing in real estate.It's a gr... read more >>

How Using a Tenant Portal Can Increase Tenant Retention

Property Management Blog
It seems like it's rare to find that perfect tenant who gets along with your company, pays their rent, and enjoys their time renting from you. Instead, there's often a lot of confusion, tensity, and disputes over charges.&... read more >>

How to Simplify the Process for Lease Renewals

Property Management Blog
Lease renewals give you the chance to keep tenants that look after the property, pay rent on time, and are easy to work with during maintenance. It keeps you from having long stretches of time where the property is vacant, and it ... read more >>

What Is Portfolio Management in Real Estate

Property Management Blog
Real estate is one of the most fast-paced industries to work in.That's why it can often be tricky to stay on top of managing all of your investments. The property market is constantly evolving and when there's so much to p... read more >>
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